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GroupDatabase includes features like:

  • Easy membership management:
    • Management of member contact and donation data by your staff/volunteers.
    • Members can manage their own contact data and adjust email preferences.
    • Error checking helps keep your database clean of bad data.
    • Streamlined system for entering donations/renewals as well as viewing member donation histories.
    • Support for secondary members (e.g. spouses, housemates), membership categories, expiration date extension on renewal, and more.
    • Support for custom fields, zip code groups, etc.
  • Easy communication tools:
    • Group email functionality with soft fields (for personalizing) as well as anti-spam law compliance functionality that lets you include links for members to modify their membership/subscription information.
    • Mailing label production (for newsletter and fundraising campaigns).
    • Mail-merge feature to produce personalized letters to members.
  • Security and reliability:
    • Powerful access control
      • Lets you control each administrator's access to each type of functionality/data within your database.
      • Grant/revoke database access and privileges to administrators.
      • Users can access database from any internet-connected computer as well as mobile devices.
      • Database transaction log lets you manage errors and maintain security by seeing who did what.
    • SSL (https) access provides industry standard security.
    • GroupDatabase is hosted on Linode.com, an industry leader in reliable and secure hosting.
    • GroupDatabase has offered cloud membership database services since 2006.
  • Simple configuration tools give you the option to customize your database.
  • A web API allows your webmaster to integrate your website with GroupDatabase (e.g. to add new members or donations).

GroupDatabase powerfully meets the needs of small to mid-size organizations. Although we believe no other system offered provides the combination of simplicity, power, and low cost that GroupDatabase does, we encourage you to compare our offering with some of our competitors that we list on our Resources page.

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