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GroupDatabase Pricing

GroupDatabase pricing is straightforward and low. Our research into pricing is that our pricing is about 1/3rd to 1/20th the cost of other solutions.

Consultation to discuss migration from your current database (if any) to GroupDatabase: free
One time database integration fee (only applies if you already use another database system): If necessary, generally $50 to $100. Sophisticated transfers will be charged at an hourly rate of $50/hour. There are no additional setup fees.
Annual fee: 0 - 100 members -- $20 per year
101 - 300 members -- $40 per year
301 - 1,000 members -- $60 per year
1,001 - 3,000 members -- $100 per year
3,001+ -- please contact us

* pricing assumes you are a not-for-profit organziation
* we do not require that you be a registered non-profit
Support: 1 support phone call and 2 email support exchanges included per year. $30/each for additional support calls, $20/each for additional support email exchanges. Fees may be waived depending on the nature of the support request.
Customization & consulting: quoted per request
Discounts: Seriously, our prices are nearly free... but if your group needs "actual free", we will consider requests after reviewing your organization's situation.

Why/How does GroupDatabase offer such low pricing?

It's not about money! Our goal is to provide these services to organizations so they can focus on their mission rather than IT concerns. We benefit from volunteer developers, open source and free software, and donated technology such as:

  • Swift Mailer -- a richly featured PHP email library.
  • Cute Editor for PHP -- A commercial (donated) WYSIWYG HTML editor (that we use for creating HTML emails).
  • FPDF -- a PDF creation library for PHP applications.

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