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Here is some of what makes GroupDatabase.com a unique company & membership database solution.

  • GroupDatabase.com was founded in 2006 as a database project for environmental non-profits in CA. GroupDatabase is located in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Our mission is to provide membership database services to small non-profits at nearly zero cost. Our fees are designed to cover service expenses only.
  • We want you to find the best solution for your needs -- even if that comes from someone else! If our solution isn't right for you, our Resources page will help you find a solution that is right -- we provide direct links to our "competition"!
  • Our solution is online which offers several advantages over traditional desktop solutions:
    • Because your database is on the web, you never need to waste your time installing, updating and maintaining software! Focus on your organization rather than computers.
    • You can access your database from any computer -- Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or even your web-enabled smartphone/PDA! Access is password controlled, and different people can have different levels of access.
    • You can access your database from anywhere you have an internet connection -- in your office, at home, or even at a public event (e.g. for on-the-spot member signup).
    • Although you can back up your GroupDatabase data yourself, your data is safe and secure. GroupDatabase is hosted by GoDaddy.com, a large, respected ISP. You still own your data and can keep local copies, and can migrate your data away from GroupDatabase anytime you want.

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